Editor in chief

Enrica F aka Renica Fade è una creativa siciliana emigrata a Londra alla giovane età di 19 anni. Qui ha studiato Fotografia e Marketing e nel 2019 ha scoperto il mondo Blockchain e NFTS .

Attualmente sta sviluppando la sua prima collezione di NFT indossabili, oltre a oggetti da collezione e serie di NFT unici.

Si occupa di marketing e ha il sogno di innovare per la Sicilia, e di aiutare donne, bambini e uomini a scappare dalla violenza e dagli abusi.

portrait of the founder of the nft project

Managing Editor

Celina Zen was born in Syracuse in 1995, in south-eastern Sicily, in the southernmost part of Italy.She studied art, in particular painting, drawing and music, while expressing an interest in various media and disciplines. He attended an innovative course on contemporary art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. Through photography, video and digital technologies he captures and manipulates natural aspects close to the unconscious, such as light, atmosphere, movement and sound. New imaginary worlds emerge, nuances of the visible, capturing and storing the imperceptible, manoeuvred and returned in the form of a new reality



A letter from the editor.

I didn’t have a happy childhood, I was always angry and upset. I hated authorities because the trauma I had to survive made me feel like I never fitted.

Creativity was my most real friend. It allowed me to run away from my problems, at least for a second.

For years I had to bear the heaviness of feeling completely wrong for my surroundings: to laud, too opinionated, too tall, too big, too weird, secretly queer.

The group of friends I had, was held together by the struggles we were going through while people around us kept judging our way of being.

I remember when I was 15/16 years old, someone gave us a place to stay during the afternoons in winter, it was only a few rooms but we made a safe space out of it.

We made courses, tours, events.  We were so talented and so bored.

I made my first event when I was 13, no one told me that could have been a career.

I was coding at the young age of 8, no one told me that was a career.

See the pattern? I always felt like I had no one to mentor my abilities.  not because my mum wasn’t great (she was amazing), she didn’t have enough knowledge of the subjects to mentor me and make me channel my talents.

But she gave me the strength to go out in the world and fight for myself.

Unfortunately, because of my traumas, my confidence has always been a rollercoaster. Through the years I developed ADHD, Anxiety, and depression. This has always made me feel like I was slowing down in my achievements, and because of this obsessive thought in my head, it did for a while. Impostor syndrome and perfectionism surely didn’t help. I always struggled to put my art out there.

This year I had probably the most horrible year in my life. Although my life could look pretty cool, I felt like the world was running without me.

I have taken the time to rest and rebuild, but it’s time to change that and follow my dreams full on.

I was my own person since a very young age and I always had a huge personality, therefore, I have been often called ‘hot blooded’ and I have been asked to calm down and change the way I am.

The word ’Sangu’ means blood in my dialect, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how to homage the beautiful Island I am from, mama Sicily, until the word ‘Sangu’ came into my mind: then I saw the vision, I had to choose it.

And so I chose not only to homage my home but also all those with personalities that are ‘considered hot-headed, hot blooded’ or simply ‘too much. To tell them that the way they are it’s just fine. To tell them that there is a way to channel those energies into something good for their future, while I channel my energies into what I am meant to do in this lifetime. And I want to tell all of those people that, if they are struggling, we will find a way together. And if they are not struggling, I am gonna ask them to help me change the world a little, one soul at a time.

As you may know, ‘ the house’ is a reference and homage to the queer movement of the 80, specifically people of color in New York, one of the communities that have shown the world what it means to thrive even when the rest of the world want to erase you. Using ‘The house’ to me, it’s an homage to all those house mothers and fathers that have selflessly helped younger people in their community, to tell thank them for showing me the way.

I decided to change woke woken into The house of ‘Sangu’ not because I have lost interest in caring about women, but because I have realized that I cannot let gender define whom I can and cannot help. This project will always be focused on women and the LGBTQI+ community, I will always talk about what it means to be a woman in the patriarchy and I will always stand with people fighting injustices. This is still a safe space for women and queer folks FIRST, and I will not accept anyone that cannot accept that. But I also want it to be a safe space for all of those straight cis-gendered men that are willing to put the work in. Because it’s not all men and I do want to acknowledge that. 

My commitment to you, IS to keep this platform for you. I will be transparent on every fund, donation, sale, and profit we make. We will choose people based on their abilities and not because of favoritism. We will give you proof of any initiative we will take part in or create. We will keep this intersectional and real and so we will accept any constructive criticisms with open arms.

And I did want to specify this because I have lacked that in the past and I want to prove to you, with facts and not words, that this platform is fair and will remain fair.

The vision is clear. In 5 years, we will have a space where people can work, live and run away from violence and abuse.  In 3 years we want to be able to create a stable, monthly income for at least 20 people. In less than a year, we want the first edition of our NFT ‘Sangu Mag’ to be in the wallet of thousands of people, which means that we will have PAID many creators around the world.

How to get there? Using the power of the Metaverse and E-Commerce.

Our brand new marketplace it’s our way to fund our NFT MAGAZINE, for which we will select creators from all around the world. We will partner with Shelters and Charities that focus on people that are struggling for different reasons like violence, abuse, mental health issues. We will partner with them with the mission of finding creatives in those environments and creating a viable income for them to start a new life.

Our dream is to create a support system for people that don’t have one, an ecosystem of people that wants to make money while helping others do the same.

What I am asking you is just to support the vision in any way you can. We don’t pretend that people donate to our cause because not everyone can. But if you do, of course, we will be immensely grateful, and we will prove to you that your donation will provide income for somebody.

But if you cannot donate, and like, comment, share, will help us reach someone else out there, and that is an immense help for us.

In any case, thank you for reading this, it wasn’t easy to write, and, probably, it is the most real piece I have written.

And if anything here isn’t clear, if you have any questions, feel free to send an email directed at me at any time.

I truly hope you feel the project and thank you again for these few minutes together.

Yours truly,

Enrica F.