What is a whitelist?

An NFT Whitelist is a selection of people who receive perks like early access to mint NFTs, for a certain period of time. Think it like a fan club, for the sellers this is a way to build a solid following, for the buyer means access to project super early avoiding crazy prices and crazy transaction fees.


Sangu list perks #getin

The members of Sangu who decide to support us will receive exclusive perks, privileges, and discounts. 

  1. The chance to buy the magazine at a reduced price, even in the future.
  2. Free entry to the next Sangu event. 
  3. Discounts on other NFTS
  4. Being able to discuss and give their opinion on the next edition, suggesting artists, and things to see. 
  5. Automatically taking parts of free drops, physical and digital. 
  6. A community that is ready to support.
  7. Taking part in the future of the DAO.
  8. Possibility to develop your own project inside Sangu. 

Enter the whitelist